Studio Tabo

Sustainable lighting from the forest.

Studio Tabo's Sustainability Philosophy

Sustainability is a fundamental part in our work - since we hatched our first idea together. Working sustainably and encouraging sustainable consumption from as many perspectives as possible grew and became our passion. The starting point in our work is the knowledge of how extremely important it is for humans to seek new, long-term sustainable solutions to everyday needs, so that we can leave behind a world possible to live in.

Our education gave us a basic understanding of the complexity of the issue of sustainability. In step with new knowledge, our opportunities to make use of the resources from the forest increase. Then our responsibility also increases that it happens without nature being harmed. We still have a lot to learn and we strive to constantly develop and improve our working methods.


Our lampshades are made of so-called biocomposite - a mixture of starch-based polymers (PLA) and cellulose fiber. They are both renewable and biodegradable. The cellulose fiber is a natural fiber originating from responsibly felled forest. It is processed in Finland by UPM Biofore and is certified according to PEFC.

The raw materials of wood we use in our products come from FSC-certified sources and we choose types of wood that have a connection to the Nordic nature. Many times the raw materials we need are so small in size that we can use pieces of waste from the furniture production in the house where we live. We also have agreements with our wood suppliers to buy materials that meet our quality requirements but are too crooked and skewed for other purposes.

In this way, we can justify the choice of, for example, oak, which is otherwise rarely harvested commercially in Sweden and is a relatively slow-growing species.

The processing of these types of wood naturally results in a considerable amount of sawdust and wood chips. It is taken care of and picked up at regular intervals by a riding school.


At the same time, our long-term ambition is to give back to the biotope that so strongly contributes to our business concept. Once the sale of our products is underway, a reasonable amount for each lamp sold must be donated to sustainability projects with the forest in focus. The projects that are allowed to take part in this will primarily benefit the local population and natural environments in developing countries, and are quality assured through, for example, The Gold Standard.

We must also be able to ensure that what we do not manufacture ourselves does not harm the people who do it for us. In practice, this means that we opt out of components originating in countries where we cannot guarantee fair working conditions and fair wages. Made in Sweden is a key word for us and we are mainly looking for collaborations within Sweden.